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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
11:41 am - Tranny meeting

Hello loves,

It's the time you've all been waiting for, our cast Tranny meeting.

What are Tranny's you ask?
Since there are very few stage parts and very many pretty people our cast has many "Trannies" (name comes from the people in suits in the movie). Trannies in our production have opportunity for stage time through bit/gag parts, and dance numbers, and to get the audience going--we get a lot of virgins that need to be sexed up.

Our meeting will be at 7pm - tomorrow, Friday, (prior to practice) in the Stevenson Lounge. The cast member or Tranny that comes with the most interested people will win a prize. This meas we are encouraging you to drag your friends, hall mates, random people with an interest in Rocky to our show. Most of our cast and all of your directors were Trannys at one point, so it can even be a stepping stone for bigger roles.

Muffins and Mayhem,
Your Directors

PS: Bring snacks, or death.

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
3:30 pm - Spring Auditions

Slugs in Fishnets is auditioning for all main cast roles.

Auditions will be held at the Stevenson Fireside Lounge
Saturday and Sunday April 21st and 22nd.

The actual show is June 2nd at the Porter dining hall

We will play a scene of the character you would like to try out with (example: Time Warp for Columbia, Riff Raff and Magenta) We will then play it again, but with you in front shadowing the scene. You do not need to know all the words or exact moves, we are looking for energy, enthusiasm, creativity, stage presence, and ability to pick up character quirks. People are generally more comfortable and able to give better auditions when they have prepared for the role, so we do suggest rehearsing prior to your audition. This will also provide your room mate with hours of joy.

If auditioning for Frank, please wear heels

This is for UCSC students only.

If you would like to help out, you are welcome to be a Trannie! Please also show up to auditions so we know who you are.
Tech and costume people also welcome

Trixie auditions (stripper) will be held at a later date.

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Thursday, March 1st, 2007
4:24 pm

Here's the final schedule for hell week:
Friday 2nd 8-11 pm Kresge Student Lounge - costumes
Sunday 4th 3-6 pm Kresge SL
*Tuesday 6th 8-11 pm Kresge SL
Thursday 8th 6 pm Kresge Town Hall
Saturday 10th 6 pm CALL! Kresge Town Hall

We will be selling tickets, $6 for all, outside the
Porter Dining Hall on Thrusday and Friday from noon-6
pm. At this time we will be sending people (dressed
up) to the quarry and other places to hand flyer.
Dining Hall flyering will be corordinated on Friday.

Any promotion you can think of on your own, just do.
Tell your friends, your hall mates, classmates, random
people on the bus. Let's sell this out, so we can
have more booze at the cast party.

And remember, everything is under control - so let's
not freak out.

Kinky Kisses,

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3:53 pm - Winter Flyer

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12:21 am - MySpace fun

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Adedola
Date: Feb 28, 2007 9:50 PM
I am looking for a lady friend. A fuck buddy that can get me laid. Are u interested in meeting me? Holla at me.

Dearest Adedola,
Your ever so sincere attempt for companionship is misplaced. This myspace account for Slugs in Fishnets is an online forum for the theater group - UCSC's Rocky Horror picture show. We are flattered at your polite request to gain intimate knowledge of us, but will have to decline this offer, for you only mentioned a buddy system, and we would have to operate as a group. So, it is a full on orgy or nothing. And I wouldn't allow such a party to occur without the participation of my male cast members. I hope you understand our predicament.

Thank you for your interest,
Slugs in Fishnets

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
5:16 pm - Tranny Call

This Friday, so like tomorrow, we are having our Tranny meeting at 7 pm in the Kresge Town Hall. This is too see who is interested in the winter show, and to meet/greet. Practice will follow at 8 pm.

Show up, bring friends or bake goods. Will we have a grand olde time.

exuberance escapes me,
Your Directors

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
1:37 am - Winter Schedule

Merill Lounge
Tuesday 13, 8 pm (first half)

Kresge Lounge
Sunday 18, 3-6 pm (second half)
Friday 23, 8 pm (first) - Tranny meeting 7 pm
Sunday 25, 3-6 pm (second)
Friday 2, 8 pm (run through) - costumes/props
Sunday 4, 3-6 pm (run through)

Kresge Town Hall
Thursday 8, TECH
Saturday 10, SHOW

As needed Tuesday 6, 8 pm

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Monday, February 5th, 2007
12:14 pm - Winter Cast List

Winter Cast

Janet: Ashley L. ashytheslut
Brad. Jake A.
Frank: Eleena Danielle
Magenta: Avital rigafalls
Columbia: Sarah S.
Riff Raff: Davey
Rocky: Whitney
Eddie: Justin C.
Crim: Amanda V. thatgothicchick
Dr. Scott: Izzy

Special performance from Eric's legs!

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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
2:11 pm

After a lot of hard work and confusion, Avital scored
us the Kresge Town Hall for March 10th.

Auditions for open roles, such as Frank, Columbia, and Brad, will be
Feb 2nd from 6 pm to Midnight and Feb 4th from Noon to
6 pm. If wish to keep your god granted role, please
re-confirm via this email account in the next week.

Thank you to ashytheslut, Rachel, and rigafalls who really
stepped up and assited in this search. If you see them, hump them a good one.

muffins and mayhem,

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
1:22 pm - Oh look a con...you should check it out.


The Pirates of Transylvania!! -- July 2007

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
6:26 pm - Cast openings

As of right now:


I'll update when I know more.

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Monday, November 27th, 2006
3:08 pm

Greeting darlings,

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful performance last month, I hope you all still feel completely proud.

I have happy and sadly mixed news to tell you all. Since it was not announced officially to you all, Jeb will not be returning to direct. He'd like you all to think of him as a cast mascot. He will be around to help out, and be your personal fluffer.

The good news is Rachel Raphael will be coming back to us this winter and continue her role in world domination as my co-director. She was violently kidnapped by the Dutch last quarter, but after building a raft made of high heels and cheery flavored lip gloss made a brilliant escape back to us. So, much cheering and giddy uncontrolled joy over this announcement.

In regards to the business end of the winter show, I really need to know who will be returning for main cast, and if you have any major schedule conflicts on the weekends in Feb or early March. This will influence the exact date of the show and how things are scheduled here on out.

Muffins and Mayhem,

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Saturday, October 28th, 2006
7:13 am - Tonight!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Kresge Town Hall
Doors 11:30 pm, Midnight Movie
Tickets $6 General, $5 Kresge Students
Must have a valid UCSC id.

Costume contest!
Virgin sacrifice!
Live performance!

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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
3:00 pm - Full Fall Schedule

Slugs in Fishnets Fall Schedule

In the Kresge Student Lounge
Oct. 3 (8-11 pm): Time warp to ?
Oct. 6 (7-10 pm): ? to end
Oct. 8 (7-10 pm): Damnit Janet through Make you a Man
Oct. 10 (8-11 pm): Hot P. through End
Oct. 13 (7-11 pm): Full run through and costumes!
Oct. 15 (7-10 pm): Scene Work
Oct. 17 (8-11 pm): Full run through
Oct. 20 (7-10 pm): Scene Work
Oct. 22 (8-11 pm): Full run through
Absolutely fucking mandatory for all cast and trannies
and tech!
In the Kresge Town Hall
Oct. 26 (6-10 pm): Full Dress and Tech
Oct. 27 (6-10 pm): Full Dress and Tech
Oct. 28 - SHOW NIGHT! Call at 6 pm, doors at 11:30,
show at midnight

Other dates of importance and wonderment
Oct. 10, 7 pm: Tranny meeting. Any Trannies that
would like to have stage parts need to be at this

Oct. 13, 10 pm: Trixie Auditions. Please come
prepared with a dance routine to Science Fiction
Double Feature.

Oct. 14: San Francisco Trip - costuming field trip.
The rehearsal prior will be our costuming day, so
don't worry until then about costumes. You are
required to provide your own black underwear and

E-mail: SlugsInFishnets@yahoo.com

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Sunday, September 24th, 2006
11:48 pm - Fall Cast

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to audition for slugs. There were a TON of you and we are very very sad that the show only has ten parts to give out. every one of these decisions was incredibly close, but after much deliberation and coffee we have come up with a cast that we are very excited about.

the cast list is as follows:

Brad: Tim W.
Janet: Ashley L.
Riff Raff: Davey
Magenta: Avital
Columbia: Bianca
Rocky Horror: Whitney V.
Criminologist: Amanda V.
Eddie: Sean S.
Dr. Scott: Izzy
Frank: Brittany

Congrats. Now, as main cast, you need to send us a confirmation e-mail to accept the part, include your completed schedule so we can plan rehersals accordingly. If you don't know what the fuck you are doing after 5pm, give us what you can. Rehearsals will more than likely be in the Kresge Student lounge.

As was mentioned at auditions, we have a plethora of other positions still available in addition to the main cast roles that range from trannies dancing the timewarp and transporting dildos to makeup and lights people, to all purpose sex slaves. You are welcome to attend all rehearsals, including our first cast meeting (see below) and we look forward to seeing you

Here are the dates we have so far:
9-30-06 (sat) First meeting will be at 9 pm the Kresge Student Lounge. We will be meeting up to go to see Barely Legal in Oakland. Dress up if you want (or suffer the consequences)-and in case you can't figure it out, this will last all night. oh yeah... and the show costs $6 and you will need a photo id (17 and up). If you can drive PLEASE let us know. Main cast are required to attend, and obviously will get priority in terms of rides, and any trannies that wish to attend the oakland trip should shoot us an email if they need transport. hopefully we will be able to accomodate all of you!

10-09-06 Trannies are required at all rehearsals after this date

10-13-06 Trixie auditions. more information will be provided at our first meeting

10-14-06 San Francisco Trip - costuming field trip. The rehersal prior will be our costuming day, so don't worry until then about costumes.

10-26-06 & 10-27-06 (thurs & fri) Full dress and tech rehearsal from 6-10 pm in the Kresge Town Hall. mandatory for all cast and trannies and tech.

10-28-06 SHOW NIGHT. plan on call being at 6 pm. doors will open at 11:30, and the show will start at midnight. Cast party will follow.

Once again, fantastic turn out and great energy. It pleases our black little hearts to see so many Rocky fans and freaks. If you ever have any questions, email at SlugsinFishnets@yahoo.com

Your Directors,
Jeb and Jamie

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
1:47 pm - Audition Reminder

Auditions for our Halloween show will be Sept. 23rd and 24th in the Kresge Town Hall from Noon to 6. Our show will be Oct. 28th, also in the Town Hall.

Auditions are for the main stage roles, as in Brad, Janet, Frank, Riff Raff and others. We will play a scene character specific, and then *you* will have the chance to act it out in front of the screen. For example: Janet and Brad-the graveyard/church, Frank-Sweet Trans ect. We are looking for energy, creativity, comfort on stage, and just a general "whoa, I want to be here and entertain" attitude. You do not need to come in costume, but shinny things really do attract Jamie's attention. Virgins and like are always welcome - no experiance needed.

You do not need to audition be a Tranny, you just have to listen to Mark for a month.

If you want to audition for Frank, please bring heels.

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Monday, September 4th, 2006
9:19 pm - Rude-ness in SF

Yesterday, I was on the Haight shopping for pretty Rocky things with Brittany. We were in the same shop I bought a corset for Tex last year, looking at corsets for me(time for a new one), when the shop keep walked up to us and asked if we needed any help, I expect him to stop there, but instead he went on to ask if this was for me - since they only carried up to size 9-10 and did not think I should try anything on. It took us a few moments to realize what he had just implied, at which point we put down our would be purchases, stormed out and got big ice cream cones at Ben and Jerry's (who did not think I was too fat to eat their product).

The store is

New York Apparel

1772 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

And I am a size 8, not that it matters - but NEVER tell a lady, especially one who does costuming what her size is.

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006
10:43 am - Car for sale, flat tire optional

Here is your chance to own a piece of Slugs in Fishnets history, the one place Jamie will never ever - not even if the world is ending - have sex. That's right, her ex-boyfriend is selling his car before he moves to D.C.

It's a red 1999 Chevy Cavalier LS 4 door with 132,000 miles. Photos, detailed description and offers can be found here. He's very straight forward and reasonable about getting rid of it. It's actually a pretty nice little car, so humor me and pass this on before he decides to leave it outside of my house and head off to grad school.

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Sunday, August 20th, 2006
1:12 pm - Spread the word, like chymidia at Porter!

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Monday, August 14th, 2006
2:44 pm - Fall Auditions

Auditions for our Halloween show will be Sept. 23rd and 24th in the Kresge Town Hall from Noon to 6. Our show will be Oct. 28th also in the Town Hall. Your directors will be the ever mumbling to herself Jamie who will be kept in line by the joyous return of the prophet Jeb. We will be needing a full cast of characters, a stage manager, and lots of sexy Trannys. We look forward to seeing our beloved veterans, and hopefully a few new faces. So, come out, bring a friend and trick the freshmen to dance for our amusement.

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