La Petite Mort (mon_oubliette) wrote in slugsinfishnets,
La Petite Mort

Tranny meeting

Hello loves,

It's the time you've all been waiting for, our cast Tranny meeting.

What are Tranny's you ask?
Since there are very few stage parts and very many pretty people our cast has many "Trannies" (name comes from the people in suits in the movie). Trannies in our production have opportunity for stage time through bit/gag parts, and dance numbers, and to get the audience going--we get a lot of virgins that need to be sexed up.

Our meeting will be at 7pm - tomorrow, Friday, (prior to practice) in the Stevenson Lounge. The cast member or Tranny that comes with the most interested people will win a prize. This meas we are encouraging you to drag your friends, hall mates, random people with an interest in Rocky to our show. Most of our cast and all of your directors were Trannys at one point, so it can even be a stepping stone for bigger roles.

Muffins and Mayhem,
Your Directors

PS: Bring snacks, or death.
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