La Petite Mort (mon_oubliette) wrote in slugsinfishnets,
La Petite Mort

Rude-ness in SF

Yesterday, I was on the Haight shopping for pretty Rocky things with Brittany. We were in the same shop I bought a corset for Tex last year, looking at corsets for me(time for a new one), when the shop keep walked up to us and asked if we needed any help, I expect him to stop there, but instead he went on to ask if this was for me - since they only carried up to size 9-10 and did not think I should try anything on. It took us a few moments to realize what he had just implied, at which point we put down our would be purchases, stormed out and got big ice cream cones at Ben and Jerry's (who did not think I was too fat to eat their product).

The store is

New York Apparel

1772 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA

And I am a size 8, not that it matters - but NEVER tell a lady, especially one who does costuming what her size is.
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