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Fall Cast

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to audition for slugs. There were a TON of you and we are very very sad that the show only has ten parts to give out. every one of these decisions was incredibly close, but after much deliberation and coffee we have come up with a cast that we are very excited about.

the cast list is as follows:

Brad: Tim W.
Janet: Ashley L.
Riff Raff: Davey
Magenta: Avital
Columbia: Bianca
Rocky Horror: Whitney V.
Criminologist: Amanda V.
Eddie: Sean S.
Dr. Scott: Izzy
Frank: Brittany

Congrats. Now, as main cast, you need to send us a confirmation e-mail to accept the part, include your completed schedule so we can plan rehersals accordingly. If you don't know what the fuck you are doing after 5pm, give us what you can. Rehearsals will more than likely be in the Kresge Student lounge.

As was mentioned at auditions, we have a plethora of other positions still available in addition to the main cast roles that range from trannies dancing the timewarp and transporting dildos to makeup and lights people, to all purpose sex slaves. You are welcome to attend all rehearsals, including our first cast meeting (see below) and we look forward to seeing you

Here are the dates we have so far:
9-30-06 (sat) First meeting will be at 9 pm the Kresge Student Lounge. We will be meeting up to go to see Barely Legal in Oakland. Dress up if you want (or suffer the consequences)-and in case you can't figure it out, this will last all night. oh yeah... and the show costs $6 and you will need a photo id (17 and up). If you can drive PLEASE let us know. Main cast are required to attend, and obviously will get priority in terms of rides, and any trannies that wish to attend the oakland trip should shoot us an email if they need transport. hopefully we will be able to accomodate all of you!

10-09-06 Trannies are required at all rehearsals after this date

10-13-06 Trixie auditions. more information will be provided at our first meeting

10-14-06 San Francisco Trip - costuming field trip. The rehersal prior will be our costuming day, so don't worry until then about costumes.

10-26-06 & 10-27-06 (thurs & fri) Full dress and tech rehearsal from 6-10 pm in the Kresge Town Hall. mandatory for all cast and trannies and tech.

10-28-06 SHOW NIGHT. plan on call being at 6 pm. doors will open at 11:30, and the show will start at midnight. Cast party will follow.

Once again, fantastic turn out and great energy. It pleases our black little hearts to see so many Rocky fans and freaks. If you ever have any questions, email at

Your Directors,
Jeb and Jamie
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