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Full Fall Schedule

Slugs in Fishnets Fall Schedule

In the Kresge Student Lounge
Oct. 3 (8-11 pm): Time warp to ?
Oct. 6 (7-10 pm): ? to end
Oct. 8 (7-10 pm): Damnit Janet through Make you a Man
Oct. 10 (8-11 pm): Hot P. through End
Oct. 13 (7-11 pm): Full run through and costumes!
Oct. 15 (7-10 pm): Scene Work
Oct. 17 (8-11 pm): Full run through
Oct. 20 (7-10 pm): Scene Work
Oct. 22 (8-11 pm): Full run through
Absolutely fucking mandatory for all cast and trannies
and tech!
In the Kresge Town Hall
Oct. 26 (6-10 pm): Full Dress and Tech
Oct. 27 (6-10 pm): Full Dress and Tech
Oct. 28 - SHOW NIGHT! Call at 6 pm, doors at 11:30,
show at midnight

Other dates of importance and wonderment
Oct. 10, 7 pm: Tranny meeting. Any Trannies that
would like to have stage parts need to be at this

Oct. 13, 10 pm: Trixie Auditions. Please come
prepared with a dance routine to Science Fiction
Double Feature.

Oct. 14: San Francisco Trip - costuming field trip.
The rehearsal prior will be our costuming day, so
don't worry until then about costumes. You are
required to provide your own black underwear and

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