La Petite Mort (mon_oubliette) wrote in slugsinfishnets,
La Petite Mort

Audition Reminder

Auditions for our Halloween show will be Sept. 23rd and 24th in the Kresge Town Hall from Noon to 6. Our show will be Oct. 28th, also in the Town Hall.

Auditions are for the main stage roles, as in Brad, Janet, Frank, Riff Raff and others. We will play a scene character specific, and then *you* will have the chance to act it out in front of the screen. For example: Janet and Brad-the graveyard/church, Frank-Sweet Trans ect. We are looking for energy, creativity, comfort on stage, and just a general "whoa, I want to be here and entertain" attitude. You do not need to come in costume, but shinny things really do attract Jamie's attention. Virgins and like are always welcome - no experiance needed.

You do not need to audition be a Tranny, you just have to listen to Mark for a month.

If you want to audition for Frank, please bring heels.

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